St. Dimitrios

Among the memorable highlights on my journey to Orthodoxy was an afternoon visit with a highly respected bishop. The subject of personal commitment to Christ came up. “After years of serving God, he said, ” “I have come to believe that we need to issue a strong call for adult conversion in the Orthodox Church.” I was a bit startled to hear the statement being made so directly and openly.


But the fact is, every group has its lukewarm members. My son was a high school wrestler, and there were guys on his team who came to practice only intermittently and then just to complain and stand around watching. Rotary and Kiwanis have people on the rolls who are there for public relations in the community, but aren't really into the programs. The more we talked the clearer it became. “If you won't get mad at me I think I can tell you what’s wrong,” I offered. “Tell me,” he said. “Somewhere along the way, the pull of the world—your buddies, sports, the ladies—has gotten to you.

There is a form of godliness, but not the real thing. Let’ face it. Our rolls hold numerous people afflicted with what Saint John Chrysostom calls “most utter dullness.” Who knows why—maybe moral problems, or putting a career ahead of Christ, or deciding to be one of the boys instead of a soldier of righteousness? But the reality is, spiritual lifelessness results. And what is the remedy? A personal reintroduction to the Lord Jesus Christ.

Look, I'm not a judge. I cannot look into a person’s heart and conveniently size up what is there- or not there. But let’s suppose that you are one that finds yourself lukewarm, possibly considering dropping the Church and heading out the door. Or you're an Orthodox person who already has packed it in, years ago, and who honestly needs recommitment. What can you do? Will God really listen to you if you call on Him for help and forgiveness? Let me encourage you- the answer is an unqualified yes. I think back to a college student I met out East a couple of years ago. He was at an Orthodox conference with his mother, who has politely forced him to attend with her.

“Things just got from bad to worse for me,” he complained on the second day over lunch. “As a kid I was really into being a Christian. I helped at the altar, and even talked about our Faith with my friends.

Places for Greeks to live in Canada – Where can they meet their nationals

At the beginning of the twentieth century there were about 300 Canadians with Greek ancestry. It was then when the first populations established. They have successfully developed reaching an impressive organizational level. If you want to know where to find the third largest Hellenic community outside Greece, then do not hesitate to ask the advice of seasoned escorts. Let these stunning ladies share a remarkable cultural knowledge regarding this society and its main features.

Greektown: one of the best places for Greeks to live in Canada

Toronto is a city in which glass skyscrapers and Victorian dwellings coexist perfectly. Despite the traffic, it is possible to easily travel through it by bicycle without fuss. This metropolis has made room for an admirable culture who has managed to emerge regardless of the challenges. That is how this community has established at the Danforth Avenue, also known as Greektown. Let your beautiful escort from accompany you in your exploration of this historic district.

Discover the most well-known restaurants of one of the largest Greek neighborhoods in North America accompanied by acquainted escorts. They know the best places where you can taste the most delicious gastronomical specialties of this culture.

If you are a shopping lover, then ask your experienced escort to advise you regarding the best traditional stores of the area where you can find interesting souvenirs. They have a wide variety of products to offer you including hats and glasses for the sun.

Where can Greeks meet their nationals while enjoying recreating activities

Every year, Taste of the Danforth Festival takes place in Greektown, Toronto. It attracts a wide number of tourists from all over the country. Enjoy the festivity delighting in the traditions and the culinary skills of this community accompanied by spectacular ladies you can meet on Escort Directory. In this way you will have the chance to have fun while getting to know an exotic culture.

Greeks have ventured in the creation of this festival as a food event many years ago. It takes place at the East area on Bloor Street between the streets of Langford and Broadview. You can easily get there even using the Toronto Metro.

The organizers of the festival try to transmit to the assistants the importance of balanced food for a healthy life using Mediterranean diet as an example. For this reason, during the two days preceding the event, more than 80 restaurants work tirelessly to offer their best dishes to the attendees.

The Greek festival has grown impressively incorporating entertaining shows and fun pastimes. If you want to enjoy adventurous experiences, ask the advice of your attractive escort so she can recommend you the most suitable activities for your amusement.

In 2013, this celebration broke the world record of people dancing to the beat of the Zorba the Greek. Around 10000 people participated from the celebration in that occasion. During the 21th edition, the assistants were delighted by music from different countries and artistic presentations like the one made by a group of Egyptian dancers who performed belly dancing. The event also broke the Guinness record for having the largest number of people making Jump on Olympia. Enjoy the best of the Greek culture at this festivity and let your amazing escorts transform it into a memorable adventure.