St. Dimitrios

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Things get worse because you've shoved God aside¸ and you're trying to do things on your own. You've taken over your life and Jesus Christ have become activity No. 19 in your top twenty list of priorities.” “How did you know that?” my friend asked. “Because I did the same thing when I was your age,” I said. “And if you want, I'd be willing to help you come back to the Lord.” For the rest of the conference he had a smile on his face that had not been there before. Even Mom could tell the difference. His new commitment to Christ, his specific re-embracement of what he has been granted in baptism, may prove to be the turning point he so sorely needed.


The reason we grow cold toward God, His Kingdom, and His Church is very simple: our sin. Our sin makes up fall away. You say “Wait a minute! I haven't done anything bad. You should see some of my friends!” We can all find people who are worse that we are. But that isn't the issue God doesn't grade on the curve. His standard of righteousness is absolute.


And this is why the Church has always looked to the Sermon on the Mount as the mark by which we are measured. There are obvious sins: immortality, renouncing Christ, or murder. But there are more subtle sins as well. Like unbelief. Could it be that you have refused to believe that you can make it as a Christian, that Christ can truly transform you? Or, what about pride? Perhaps the people in your parish are not acceptable enough to you socially to be your life long friends and spiritual family.

Now, I'll try Church for awhile, mess up, go to confession, mess up again and after all that I'm not even sure I want to change anymore. It seems the more I try the worse it gets. It’s been like this for a long time.”