St. Dimitrios

Our Faith

Closely tied to these matters could be the inner anger or unresolved hatred. “I'm not going to give Father the satisfaction of seeing me in Church.” Or, “As long as the Smiths are part of the parish, count me out.” How do they get this way? The Scriptures and the Fathers tell us that there are at least three things that energize our sin, that draw us into indifference toward God.


When we are baptized into Christ, the priest or bishop prays that God will send us a guardian angel. One of the most important reasons s for this angelic companion is that he will deliver us “from every snare of the adversary, from encounter with evil, from the demon of noonday, and from evil visions.” What an assessment of the devil’s game plan in that one prayer! Satan tires to ensnare us into temptation so we will yield to sin. He sets up encounters with evil, he comes against us in broad daylight in out nine to five routines, and he activates evil imagination in us.

Does a woman striving to be humble and godly head to the mall for a needless buying spree, or to the icon corner for the prayer, when frustration or depression pays a call? If an unexpected windfall comes our way, do we first give thanks to God by providing food for the hungry or a gift to the parish—or is it another round of E Pluribus Me with an indulgent quick fix at the new car showroom? When we live that way we are miserable.

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Let me ask point blank: are you spiritually unmotivated? DO you know that your heart has gotten cold, that Jesus Christ is at best just a distant friend? Has love for the Church become a memory, worship some thing that you do if you don't sleep in, or play 18 rounds, or catch the NFL double header on Sunday? Do you sincerely want to get back on track? If so, God will help you.